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  • Rome News Tribune: Georgia Steeplechase Determined to Keep Tradition Alive

    If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen the Georgia Steeplechase appear now and again.  Our organizers are working hard to restore steeplechase racing at Kingston Downs, and Georgia is taking notice.  The latest article about Georgia Steeplechase appeared in the Rome News-Tribune, which is local to the Downs.  In the article, journalist Doug Walker refers to our chair and co-chair as “committed” to the event, and we couldn’t agree more.  All of us at the Georgia Steeplechase are excited to have a chance to keep this wonderful tradition alive, but our leadership team has spearheaded every effort since day one.

    As Walker notes, a lot of work and planning are going into our inaugural race meet and festival, set for April 7, and we’re happy to say things are shaping up well.  We’re working toward something else, too, however: helping equestrian and steeplechase racing culture in the Peach State grow.  Along with keeping traditions alive, we also hope to encourage more of our fellow Georgians to take part in this wonderful event.

    Our founders and co-chairs were avid attendees of the Atlanta Steeplechase, a steeplechase race meet and social event with a 52-year history, and when the Atlanta Steeplechase, sadly, folded in May 2017, both were determined to save this tradition loved by so many.  The Georgia Steeplechase, however, is not merely an exact copy of the previous Atlanta Steeplechase.  While many favorite traditions are being continued, other new activities and attractions, such as the Brunch on the Backstretch, are being added.  The date has also changed to April 7 this year to avoid conflicts.  Anthony-Scott Hobbs, one of our co-chairs, explained to the Rome News-Tribune that this was because conflicts meant potentially missing out on some of the best horses and teams.

    “The last couple of years there was some scratching going on with some of the best horses and that was why,” he said.  “They’re going to go where they can get their biggest purses.”

    This inaugural Georgia Steeplechase has certainly presented its challenges, but, speaking as a member of the Georgia Steeplechase team, we are please with how everything is shaping up.  According to our friends at the Rome News-Tribune, we’re not the only ones.  Lisa Smith, Executive Director of the Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau, is please to see a rejuvenation of steeplechase racing at Kingston Downs because it will have a positive effect on some local businesses.  It is also, she noted, a great opportunity to show visitors and locals alike all that Rome and surrounding areas have to offer.

    All of us at Georgia Steeplechase are glad to see all of the excitement and positiveness building around this event, and, as our friends at the Rome News-Tribune noted, we are all working to make it a grand success.  However, none of us have but quite as much hard work and heart into the Georgia Steeplechase as our organizers and co-chairs.  We hope you’ll all join us at Kingston Downs on April 7 to see all of their efforts pay off!

    (Source: Rome News-Tribune)

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