The right Demographic

The Georgia Steeplechase attracts all walks of life due to the wide variety of entertainment offered.
This makes it an ideal event to for maximum ROI, brand awareness, and lead generation

Thousands of patrons. One amazing day.

Originally started in 1966, the Steeplechase in Georgia  is a community centered event that drives brings together all walks of life.  It is Georgia’s social and sporting event of the year highlighting Georgia’s thriving culture.  By supporting local charities and organizations, the Georgia Steeplechase gives back to the communities that originally created it.  In one day, the Steeplechase has pulled thousands to what is known as one of the largest “Lawn Parties” in the south-east! We look forward to seeing you there!

46% of attendees have been more than once

Attended 2-10 times 46%
Attended 11-25 times 20%
Attended 25+ times 21%

45% of attendees are between 41 and 55

26 - 40 20%
45 - 55 45%
55 & Over 35%

60% of attendees are female

Female 60%
Male 40%

38% of attendees own or ride horses

Own a Horse / Ride Horses 38%
Own a pet 78%

93% of attendees have a college degree

College Degree 93%
Own a business 50%

65% of attendees consider it an adult social event

Consider it an Adult Social Event 65%
Consider it a family event 25%

Make a lasting impression.

In this day and age of digital marketing, nothing compares to in-person impressions. This means an immediate and long-term halo effect for every marketing dollar spent!

Target the Right Audience

Compared to traditional marketing, the Steeplechase offers unparalleled access thoroughbred owners, trainers, and racing enthusiasts!

Gain Residual marketing coverage

The Georgia Steeplechase draws massive media coverage and social engagement, thus amplifying your reach exponentially.

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What are our guest saying?

My  wife and  love taking the kids out to the event. My dad used to take me, and now I’m passing the tradition down.  THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THIS TRADITION LIVING ON!

F. Walls

I never miss a steeplchase! I didn’t win the hat competition this past year, but I still had an amazing time! Thanks for bringing this back!

B. Lindsey

I was surprised by how many people attended last year! WOW.  Looking forward to buying tickets for my whole team next year because the business opportunities were booming!

Mark Bell

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25,000 +


Kingston Downs
Rome, GA