2020 Graduates (High School and University)


If you are a 2020 graduating class member, you receive a complimentary ticket to our general admission.  We appreciate you as you start your journey into your careers and universities.  Use this experience as a positive, not a negative.  You are unique.  You are 2020.


What are our guests saying?

My  wife and  love taking the kids out to the event. My dad used to take me, and now I’m passing the tradition down.  THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THIS TRADITION LIVING ON!

F. Walls

I never miss a steeplchase! I didn’t win the hat competition this past year, but I still had an amazing time! Thanks for bringing this back!

B. Lindsey

I was surprised by how many people attended last year! WOW.  Looking forward to buying tickets for my whole team next year because the business opportunities were booming!

Mark Bell

About the Event


June 6th, 2020




Kingston Downs