Georgia Steeplechase Track 120

Georgia Steeplechase TRACK 120.   Join today.  Mark you calendars for the April 6th, 2019 Georgia Steeplechase.

What is the Track 120 and how can YOU become a recognized founding member?

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The Georgia Steeplechase Track 120 is 120 members contributing $120 annually for the maintenance and improvement of the Kingston Downs track.

Please see the list of Track 120 shown below.

Maintenance and improvements include the following:

Weed and fire ant control, mowing, trimming and labor; Irrigation pump, diesel fuel, and irrigation system maintenance; Barn, rail, jockey house and tower maintenance; Fall aeration, re-seeding and fertilization; Fuel and maintenance for two 60 inch zero-turn mowers and additional landscape equipment, etc.

The goal of the Track 120 Campaign is to raise $14,400 each year through 120 members contributing $120.00 annually. Members will receive the Georgia Steeplechase Foundation Pin, their name listed in the  Race Program and on the website, and in email communications throughout the year.  Join your fellow Track 120 members race day at the TOWER for a Champagne toast!!!  Track 120 members will be continually updated and listed on the website.

Thank you to the following members who have joined the 2018- 2019 TRACK 120 thus far:

1. J.D. Van Brink
2. Steve, Heather, and Liberty Schultz
3. Mary Van Brink
4. Michael and Kayreen Altman
5. Kevin and Denise Nicholas
6. Benita Dodd
7. Dr. Teresa Drummond-Rieger
8. Jane Berlin
9. Jack Fisher
10. Doug and Susan Gilmore
11. Katherine Neilson
12. Anthony-Scott and Phoebe Hobbs
13. Richard Hendriks
14. Alan Pryor
15.  Don Clippinger
16.  Rich Santos
17.  Kimberly Tapp
18.  Clyde Shepherd
19.  Carole Lesley
20.  Gillian Johnston
21.  Laurel LeBow
22.  Lynda Allison
23.  Craig Braddick
24.  Ludwig Hoffman
25.  Westby and Patti Slade
26.  Elizabeth Tatum
27.  Leslie & Paddy Young
28.  Megan Connolly
29.  Karlie Brooks
30.  Aletha R. Cherry
31.  Ronald Morris Jr.
32.  Rob and Claire Harrison
33.  Lew Forbes
34.  Atholl Highlanders Pipes and Drums
35.  Lauren Loper

Join The Track 120 now.